I had to have been about seven-or eight-years old, when I realized the best hiding place was the book nook in the garage. A terribly small, doorless, little room, where my father kept his neglected stash of books. I was too young to understand most of what I was reading, but I recall grabbing the Stephen King novel “The Dark Tower.” I can’t tell you how long I had been sitting in that dim lit room, reading the book, because I wasn’t in that room at all. I was in a different reality with the Gunslinger and experiencing another person’s life for the first time.

If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself: “No small child should be allowed to read that kind of book,” you’re not wrong, but that’s also not the point. Although I was already a story teller (to the point of me being branded as a liar at a very early age), this was the moment in my life that I was introduced to the magic that are books. It’s the reason why I am writing, now.

This blog will have a mix of stories for you to indulge in, my dearest readers, from nonfiction to fiction. I’m writing because I want you to feel like I felt. I want to take you out of your life, come and escape with me and we can lose time together.

With that said, I welcome you. And from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for coming with me on this written journey of mine.

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